Greenhouse Cat at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Greenhouse Cat at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Since I started working at the Chateau in Woodinville, I’ve had the good fortune to come across many photogenic people, flowers, plants and animals. This week I had another glimpse of the elusive Greenhouse Cat. He’s always dressed to impress with his perfect tuxedo and goutee. Do you love cats too? See more of my cat photos on my photosite.

black and white cat





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  1. Hi Daria,

    Thank you for posting these beautiful photos of Ste. Michelle’s greenhouse cat!

    I’m a volunteer with the Kent Shelter, which placed Ste. Michelle’s greenhouse cat in her home in the fall of 2012, along with another cat. A fellow cat rescuer in Seattle and I are wondering if we could visit the greenhouse cat, get some photos of her and talk with you or someone else who knows her story. For example, has she solved the winery’s rodent problem? Has she become friendlier over time? Does she hang out with the other cat who was placed with her, or do they each do their own thing? We are looking for ways to make business owners aware of the opportunity to adopt outdoor cats as a way to solve their rodent problems and also save the lives of cats who otherwise are considered not very adoptable.

    To learn more about Barn Cats R Us, you can go to our webpage at…

    …and/or join our Facebook group by searching for “Barn Cats R Us” and asking to join. The stories posted on our FB page contain lots of information about our and other barn cat programs, and news of how other groups of barn cats did after they were “installed” on farms, and in other outdoor homes.

    You can reach me by email at, or phone at 206-200-8908.

    P.S. I can tell she is a girl because she has a right eartip. Male cats are eartipped on the left.

  2. Hi Ruth!

    You are most welcome. She is still a bit elusive with me, but does hang out with the tabby cat who is less friendly. You should contact Ann Hunt as she oversees the gardens and grounds. I’ll put you in contact with her. I’ve really enjoyed taking photos of this beautiful cat!

    thank you!

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