National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day

My day started while my eyes were still closed, I heard on NPR that today is National Love Your Pet Day. A little later, I took a trip to our mechanic for an oil change. To my delight, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful little Papillion named Oliver. He’s a tow truck driver’s best buddy. When I got home (after the disappointing women’s Olympic hockey game), I was greeted by my sweet pet, Dolce and took advantage of the light to capture a few frames of her. I love animals, cat, dogs, dolphins, squirrels, all of them.

Oliver the Papillion in his truck

Oliver the Papillion awaiting his daddy

Oliver the Papillion with the amazing ears

Dolce, the sweetest cat, a Singapura

Dolce looking up at me

Dolce lazily gazing at me from her heated bed

Thanks, pets, for making my day (again)! I love you all, especially little Dolce, our gem of a Singapura. Would you like a photo of or with your favorite pet? I’m your gal! Give me a call. I’ll capture their beauty and personality in a portrait or three worthy of a frame on your wall.

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