New logo and website for WWFHA

New logo and website for WWFHA

The dream has come to fruition! Over the past 6 months, I have worked with the board of directors of the Western Washington Female Hockey Association to bring their brand to a higher level. I designed a new logo, built a new website and populated that website with mostly my own photographs.

Phase I involved uniting the 3 current teams under one name and one logo as they had 3 different logos, 3 different jerseys and 3 different warms ups and a separate logo for the association in the past. Working with the board, I conceived the new logo which instantly communicates the power and grace of the association, the teams and the girls who play for them under a single image. The eagle and Northwest Native American look bring the WWFHA teams instant recognition of their region of origin.

Visit the new wwfha website

During phase II, I worked with the board’s marketing director to deconstruct the old site and rebuild a new one. I harnessed the power and flexibility of WordPress allowing for a searchable site which loads quickly and is laden with plenty of images of the girls skating. With this CMS, the board members and myself are able to write articles and keep everyone up-to-date quickly and efficiently.

Lauren, WWFHA Wild 19U Tryouts, Day 2, August 26, 2012

Phase III has now begun with designing forms, letterhead, business cards. Soon, I’ll also be shooting head shots of all the girls as well as team photos.

I’m excited and rewarded to see the girls wearing the jerseys with the logo I designed for them!

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