Peacock Fancy

Peacock Fancy

I recently started a new part-time job at Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville. While the wines and people are wonderful, my favorite part is walking through the glorious grounds as I come to and from work. Besides all the fabulous flowers, there is one pretty peacock who has been elusive to me, until yesterday. My friends and I met at the winery on a day off and took photos of so many beautiful flowers and enjoyed the garden tour with Master Gardener, Ann Hunt. At the conclusion of the enlightening tour, we were greeted in the parking lot by none other than the famed peacock, Bugsy. I spent the next hour or two with my lens glued to him. What fun! I hope you enjoy taking in my images of him as much as did capturing them. What a sweet guy that Bugsy is. I also think I discovered how he came by the name. He loves to eat bugs, be it from the air, on the ground, in the the ground or off the grill of the nearest car.

Want to see more peacock photos from my afternoon with Bugsy? Go here!

bugsy, the peacock







peacock Want to see more peacock photos from my afternoon with Bugsy? Go here!

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  1. You got some really spectacular shots of Bugsy, Daria! The second one down is stunning. You captured that “proud as a peacock” look they are famous for.

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