So, how does this work?
1. You call, text or email me. We talk about what you’d like and what I can do for you.

2. Then we meet at your house or a coffee shop and talk about what you’d like to see in your photos. Maybe even where you’d like them in your house. If you’re not sure, I’ll encourage you with some helpful questions. You may choose a package from the list below.

3. We find a time that works for both of us to get together for the photo session and reserve that day and time for each other.

4. When I receive your payment via PayPal (accepts Visa and MasterCard) or check, that day and time is reserved just for you.

5. We meet at the arranged day and time.

6. We have a blast taking photos!

7. A week or two later, we meet again and I’ll show you what I think are the best photos from the session.

8. You can keep the ones you like. If you want more or different photos, you can order them at that time.

9. I’ll order any exchanged photos or extras.

10. We can meet again in a week or I can mail you the rest of your photos.

11. If you’d like, I’d be happy to hang the photos on your walls for you.

12. That’s it! You will enjoy your home even more with amazing big, sharp, genuine, photo memories of your kids, family and pets on your walls.


Short on Time
1/2 hour session, one outfit, 10-20 shots from which to choose, 1-8×10 and 2-5×7 prints

A Walk in the Park
1-hour session, two outfits, plenty of shots in several different spots.
We’ll walk around your venue of choice and discover fun places to take photos.
You’ll get at least 30 photos to choose from and prints of 3-8×10 and 4-5x7s

Joy Ride
2-hour session includes additional 2 hours travel time.
We drive around and scout great places to take photos. When we see something we like, we stop, jump out and take some photos! A morning or afternoon filled with spontaneity, fun and adventure. You can wear three different outfits.
You’ll get at least 60 photos to choose from and prints of 6-8×10 and 6-5x7s

A Day in the Life
4-hour session includes additional 2 hours travel time.
I accompany you on a day of fun with or without some friends, family or even a pet. We can go to the beach, a hike, the zoo, skiing, biking, the sky’s the limit!
You’ll get at least 100 photos to choose from, prints of 10-8x10s and 10-5x7s plus a high-quality, bound, lay flat book of photos (20 pages, 6×8 inches). Each page of the book is a mounted photographic print bound together into a book.

Looking for something outside the box?
Talk to me. We can explore other ideas and come up with something that’s perfect for you!

A la Carte Photo Products
These are a few of my favorite things:
photo cubes with a different photo on each of the six faces, 4×4 or 8×8 inches
photo books with stiff, lay flat pages, 6×8 inches, 20-40 pages
mini-accordion books, 3×3 inches
mounted prints, variety of sizes and finishes
framed prints, variety of sizes, finishes and shapes
photo blocks, 2-5 photos mounted on the face of a bigger photo
or a single three-dimensional block with one photo wrapping around the sides of the block