“You made me feel natural and comfortable during our session.” —Joyce Dersham, Stylist

“This is the best photo of our family anyone has ever taken!” —Bonnie Ryan, School Nurse, Mother of 4, Grandmother of 2

“This is the best photo ever of my daughter! I can really see her blue eyes.” —Jacque Grimm, Mother of 4

“I’ve taken down my daughter’s school picture and put your portrait up instead!” —Melanie Lindsay, Mother of 3

“Thanks for the pix Daria. You are able to see and share the loving energy and spirit of the day rather than just post random pix like us mere mortals. Thanks for sharing.” —Raul Artiga, Father and Harley Davidson enthusiast

 First Place winner of Christianson’s Nursery Winter Garden Photo Contest


Katy on photo day at Castle Ice jessie & jordan