Western Washington Female Hockey Association

Western Washington Female Hockey Association


Western Washington Female Hockey Association (WWFHA) is the only hockey association just for girls in Western Washington. The need is to continue to attract new girls to the association and retain players currently on their teams. They had an uninviting website using dark and dreary colors built only with tables. As a non-profit, they were completely lacking in marketing materials.

The website needed to appeal to girls (and their parents) whom are interested in hockey. My challenge was to design a flexible site as content on the homepage changes monthly and meet the needs of an ever-changing board of directors. I also needed to build the WWFHA brand and that of their 4 teams with a variety of marketing materials.


Working with the board of directors, I redesigned and recoded the entire website with their rep team’s colors of red and black with lots of white to make the site welcoming and easy to navigate. As webmaster I’ve updated the website regularly including adding PHP forms and embedding video. I came up with a newsletter masthead. I created a brochure and update it yearly. I designed yard signs with H-stakes to be posted around rinks and schools. I made team cards for the parents to help them learn the players (and parents) names early in the season. I designed door signs for the girls to find each other at tournament hotels. I made end-of-season personalized thank you gifts; signed photos of each other for the coaches and girls as well as a CD label and matching jewel-case cover for a keepsake video. I have continued as their webmaster to this day. Visit the Western Washington Female Hockey Association website

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